What is preventive healthcare?

Preventive healthcare is a medical field that aims to improve health and the quality of life, primarily through diet and exercise. In particular, preventive healthcare is the representative solution for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Up to 90% of all heart disease can be resolved by preventive healthcare.


Preventive healthcare using blockchain

The basis of preventive healthcare is exercise and a healthy diet.
Cardiocoin introduces blockchain for fitness centers and health food distributors.

+ 0M

Number of Fitness Club Members


Fitness Clubs Total Revenue


Functional Food Total Revenue

The market data above is based on the US market.


We are already prepared.

We have already developed an intelligent hardware system that attaches to a treadmill in order to prevent the generation of fraudulent data and user abuse.


We are already prepared.

We have already developed an intelligent hardware system that attaches to a treadmill in order to prevent the generation of fraudulent data and user abuse.


Token Info

1. It is convenient for token demanders to use.


Token Info

There is various demand for tokens.

M x V = P x Y = Σ Token value

Supply and demand on the exchange determines the price of the token. Cardiocoin's deep business model creates demand to stabilize the price of tokens on the exchange and fast circulation of tokens will increase the value of Cardiocoin.


Token Sale & Distribution

Total Emission

12 Billion CRDC



2Q 2018
Core technology patent registration
Development of exer-miner hardware for fitness centers completed
Development of Centralized App development completed
3Q 2018
Whitepaper released
ERC20 smart contract token completed
4Q 2018
Cardiocoin token sale (CRDC)
Team & advisor buildout
3Q 2019
Fitness center exer-miner installation Centralized App service release
2Q 2020
Cardiocoin hybrid dApp release install Exer-minier to gobal market
4Q 2020
Partener aliance with insurance company begin Started to build insurance and health food distribution platform





2019 top 20
Healthcare Technology


Daniel Park

CEO / Founder

Daniel was granted a patent during his time in university and was invited to join the Daedeok Science Park under a special employment program. ... Since then, he has founded a series of companies in Korea and Silicon Valley, mostly related to healthcare, IOT and data mining industries that he has deep knowledge of. He is responsible for general administration and the R&D for Cardiocoin. He attended Sogang University and is a member of MENSA (the high IQ society).

Michael Jee

As he grew up in Silicon Valley, he studied economics and worked in investment banking, venture capital, and accelerators in the same region.... He is responsible for designing token economy and business development strategies and expanding the global network. Graduated from UC Berkeley, economics.

Ham, Sang-Hwa

Sang-Hwa’s deep knowledge of big data and artificial intelligence lends itself well to her data mining work on a lot of the data that Cardio Healthcare ...collects and is actively monitoring customer behavior patterns to verify member activity data. He graduated from the department of computer engineering at Hanyang University, built her career at Samsung Electronics, and enjoyed success at the BIGDATA x A.I competition held by the Creative Economic Innovation Center.

Jeong, Gyeong-Sun

As a full stack software engineer, Gyeong-Sun is responsible for designing the overall architecture of software development and project management....He graduated from the department of electrical engineering at theKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), led various projects at LG Electronics and draws from her extensive knowledge of robotics at Cardio Healthcare.

Park, Sang-Yong

Sang-Yong has experience at multiple startups and is responsible for deblurring vibration signals of 3-axis and 6-axis sensors within ...the Cardiocoin system. Having majored in vision computing at the department of computer engineering at Inha University, Sang-Yong applies his understanding of diverse disciplines to strengthen the core technology of the Cardiocoin system.

Choi, Won-Sik

Won-Sik is a 3D & 2D graphics program and web program engineer and has nearly 20 years of experience ...in this field. He is also a Unity3D certified programmer and worked as a member of the government evaluation committee for the field. He brings his complimentary skillsets to the optimization of the Cardiocoin technology.


Kevin Smith

Senior Advisor

He is a lawyer from Stanford University Law School and is currently the founder and president of venture capital and accelerator in Silicon Valley.... He has participated in the listing of E trade, the US stock trading platform, and is an expert in fintech with experience as a director at Blackrock, the global largest asset manager. We are helping to provide global human network infrastructure including Silicon Valley for Cardio healthcare. Graduated from Stanford University Law School and UC Berkeley Masters.

Song Hee Yhon

Senior Advisor

He is a professor of economics and a scholar and administrator who designed the basis for economic development in the Republic of Korea. ...He served as president of four national research institutes, including the Korea Development Institute (KDI), and contributed to the development of the Republic of Korea from a macroeconomic point of view. For cardio healthcare, he helps to design a token economy from a macro perspective and provide network infrastructure in Korea. he graduated from Seoul National University and Syracuse University.

Greg Moore


Greg is the founder of Fit3D, a healthcare data and equipment company based in Silicon Valley, and has both a broad network and expertise ...in the global fitness and healthcare data industry. Fit3D is a fast-growing company in the fitness industry and has attracted much attention from participants in the space by succeeding in raising multiple venture rounds and expanding their presence across 17 countries. Greg has experience as a serial entrepreneur (having invented the “radar gun” used in the MLB) and will continue to support Cardio Healthcare’s advance into the North American fitness market.  He graduated from the department of computer science at UC Santa Barbara and completed his MBA at Santa Clara University.

Dr. Kim, Jeong-Uk


After building his career at atmarket shaping firms such as the Korea Development Institute and Korea Telecom, he is currently ...researcher as a professor of the department of business administration at Sejong University. He is studying blockchain from the perspective of business administration and economics and is advising on the development of a sound and stable blockchain economy for Cardio Healthcare.  Jeong-Uk majored in electronics at Sogang University and received his Ph.D. in business administration from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

KIm Jae Hyun


He is a medical doctor and Ph.D. (in the course of study) and is an expert on medical data, especially EMR. He is helping Cardio healthcare ...to make a right direction about the data schema of Healthcare data. He graduated from Seoul National University and Kyungpook National University and have worked at Samsung Medical Center.